Bellew Wins With 5th Round TKO of Haye in Rematch

Tony Bellew answered any lingering questions left over from their first fight with an emphatic 5th round TKO stoppage of David Haye.

David Haye was doing well enough as the fight began and looked very happy with himself as he headed to his corner at the end of round number two. But things all fell apart for him in the third round as he was dropped twice and ended up being saved by the bell.

It was just a matter of time after that as Bellew methodically stalked Haye, who looked very unsteady on his feet throughout Round 4. It was unclear if this was due to his injured ankle or simply because he was still concussed after being dropped cleanly by Bellew (or a combination of both).

The stoppage came in the fifth round after a left-hook counter send David Haye face-first onto the canvas. Haye would get up but the referee waved it off after a subsequent flurry of punches delivered by Bellew.

This was seen as a mild upset by the bookies who had Tony Bellew as a (+175) underdog. The betting odds for a Bellew KO win were set at (+350) before the fight began. The full fight can be seen below:

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