Broner vs Vargas Fight Ends in a Draw

Adrien Broner and Jesse Vargas fought to a majority draw which paid out at (+1800) odds. Judges saw the fight 114-114, 114-114, and one judge (Julie Lederman) scored it 115-113 in favor of Broner.

The betting odds opened with Jesse Vargas as a very slight (-120) favorite, but gamblers backed Vargas and drove the odds to (-160) just before the fight.

No matter who you ask, the fight was razor tight and could have gone either way. While many in America were biased one way or the other towards the fighter they prefer, British commentator Darren Barker saw the fight as a draw. So, you can safely say that the judges ringside scored the fight fairly.

There really wasn't much to separate these two and many of the rounds were close. Vargas took control early with a jab to the body while Broner remained somewhat of a stationary target. It wasn't until the middle rounds when Broner started opening up with flashy combinations, the effect of which began to show on the face of Jesse Vargas.

If either fighter was close to being stopped it was Jesse Vargas, who was definitely slowed down by the heavier punches of Broner. While Vargas was able to land effectively, Broner was able to absorb the punches without any signs of being hurt. Many observers believe that if Broner pushed the pace more he could have gotten a stoppage, or at least won the decision.

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