Eggington Stops Malignaggi With Body Punch

As a slight betting underdog, Paulie Malignaggi put forth a respectable effort before getting stopped by Sam Eggington’s left hook to the body in the 9th round of their welterweight fight.

The size differential became apparent very early in this fight with the much bigger Sam Eggington walking down the smaller Malignaggi.

Malignaggi successfully used his footwork to land jabs and avoid the heavy punches of Eggington for the better part of 9 rounds. In fact, two of the judges had Paulie ahead on the scorecards at the time of the stoppage, most likely due to effective counter punching and defensive maneuvers.

The problem for Paulie was that his punches didn’t seem to have enough on them to trouble the bigger fighter, who actually dropped his hands at one point in a show of bravado and allowed Paulie to unload combinations.

Without the power to keep Eggington at bay he was allowed to march forward and eventually impose his will and trap Paulie against the ropes and drop him with a left hook to the body.

In the post fight interview, Paulie was asked about retirement and he didn’t give a definitive answer.¬†With a respectable¬†performance in this fight we might not have seen the end of Paulie quite yet.

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