Rau’shee Warren Upset by Zhanat Zhakiyanov in Bantamweight Title Fight

Rau'shee Warren lost his Bantamweight world titles after being upset by Zhanat Zhakiyanov this past Friday in Ohio. Zhakiyanov becomes the first world champion to be trained by Ricky Hatton.

Rau'shee Warren was made a 5-to-1 favorite by oddsmakers to retain his titles in what was supposed to be a showcase fight in his hometown. However, Zhanat Zhakiyanov spoiled those plans with a gritty effort as the underdog.

The fight started out great for Warren, who is not known for his power but was able to knock his opponent down twice in the first round. His lack of finishing instinct cost him because Zhakiyanov came on strong from Round 2 right up until the final bell.

“The knockdowns shocked me, but Ricky Hatton kept me level-headed, telling me the adjustments I had to make. Once I was able to get inside and force the action, I saw (Warren’s) energy level drop."

It says a lot about the effort that Zhakiyanov put forth to get the win on enemy territory where it seemed like the referee and judges were in favor of Warren. This is the first world champion to train under Ricky Hatton, who has been with Zhanat Zhakiyanov since 2013.

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