Sam Soliman Snatches Title From Sturm in Germany

sam soliman beats sturm in germany for title

With a clear 118-110, 118-110, 117-111 unanimous decision win over Felix Sturm in Germany, the 4/1 underdog Sam Soliman won his first world title at age 40 after 17 years as a pro boxer.

Soliman was tricky from the outset, employing movement and clinching to frustrate Sturm in what was an ugly, but effective strategy. Sturm seemed listless and unmovited to fight his way out of these clinches, and instead continuously looked to referee Eddie Cotton for help.

Although Soliman was taking the early rounds, he was using a lot of energy doing so, and commentators speculated that he would eventually run out of gas. However, Soliman was able to keep up his awkward pace until the late rounds when he showed signs of fatigue and was getting hit more often, but by that time it was too late for Sturm to close the gap.

This video of Round 3 will give you a good idea of the tactics used by Soliman in this fight.

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