Vargas Poses No Problem for Pacquiao in UD


Jesse Vargas did not pose any problem for Manny Pacquiao, who coasted to a unanimous decision win in their Las Vegas title fight which saw Manny take home the WBO welterweight crown.

While Pacquiao didn't exactly look like he did in his prime, he still looked like a high-level boxer as he made easy work of Jesse Vargas in a fight that two of the judges saw as a wide, 118-109 victory for Manny.

Pacquiao was able to knock Vargas down in the second round with one of his trademark left hands. While Vargas was up to his feet quickly and seemed to recover well, he was wary of Manny's speed for the rest of the night.

If there is one criticism of Manny Pacquiao, it he seems to have lost that "killer instinct" and has gone to a decision with fighters that he has hurt and badly outclassed.

Floyd Mayweather was ringside, as with Terence Crawford, who are among the names in the mix for a potential fight with Pacquiao at welterweight.

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